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Carolinas Golf Foundation

Selection Criteria and Procedure

A committee of six (6) will be confirmed by the Executive Committee of the Carolinas Golf Foundation to serve as the Hall of Fame Committee. This committee will elect a chairperson, receive nominations, vote on inductees, make arrangements for ceremonies, and conduct other business relating to the Hall of Fame, which may arise as directed by the Executive Committee of the Carolinas Golf Association. 

Any group or person, excluding current members of the Hall of Fame Committee, may nominate a candidate for the Carolinas Golf Hall of Fame by November 1st of each selection year.
Candidates will be elected by the Hall of Fame Committee. Nominees may include, but are not limited to Amateur Players, Golf Professionals, Superintendents, Course Architects, Administrators, Volunteers, Coaches, or Media. Specifically, all candidates will be screened based on (1) Golf playing ability and record; (2) Coaching / teaching ability or accomplishments; (3) Involvement and service to organized golf (local, state, national); (4) Impact on or contributions to the game.

Any person may be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame who has distinguished themselves in one or more of the judging categories above, and whose accomplishments were in some way tied to the Carolinas or who by birth or residency is or has been recognized as a Carolinian. The primary emphasis will be on golf-related accomplishments and service to the game relative to the states of North and South Carolina. A nominee must be at least 50 years old during the year of a given Induction Ceremony (example: A player must turn 50 years old in 2023 in order to qualify for the Class of 2023).  


To be inducted a nominee must receive at least two-thirds of the votes. In the event that no candidate receives two-thirds of the votes, the two nominees that received the most votes will be voted on again by the Committee. All nominations received shall remain active and on the ballot for ten (10) years, giving them five possible induction opportunities, unless sooner elected to the Hall of Fame.


Inquiries and nominations may be sent to the Carolinas Golf Association, 140 Ridge Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387.

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